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This case study examines the customer experience of an auto group utilizing PriceSmart and FileSmart solutions. Prior to partnering with Dynatron Software, this client had no existing strategy for price optimization or obtaining a warranty reimbursement increase. After learning about Dynatron from a colleague, the auto group determined that forging a partnership would produce a significant ROI. 

About the Client

This auto group has been in business for 27 years with multiple locations throughout Minnesota. Four of these stores, each with varying OEMs, have been partnered with Dynatron Software since 2018. This auto group has 231 employees in service and commercial roles. 


Getting Started: Challenges and Objectives

Prior to partnering with Dynatron Software, this auto group was missing hidden revenue opportunities due to a lack of visibility into their RO data and technician compliance. Even with access to insights through the DMS, the sheer volume of data was too large for management to manually monitor and maintain.


Challenge: Lack of Time and Visibility 

Managers did not have time to manually comb through RO data, so it was historically pushed off resulting in reduced accountability for price compliance. In addition, the sheer amount of RO data was challenging to parse through to find meaningful insights.  

When it comes to warranty filing, the Controller was previously completing the submissions. This task for one individual took an extensive amount of time and there was no intentional effort to find a potential increase. 


Objective: Increase Service and Parts Profitability 

This auto group’s primary goal in partnering with Dynatron was to increase Fixed Ops profitability within their service and parts departments. They wanted to be able to easily track what is going on within the service department to ensure advisors are compliant and being properly compensated on ROs. In addition, the auto group wanted to have an easy method for applying for warranty increases


How Dynatron Software Helped 

Dynatron provided their management team with easily digestible daily reports so that every store can see technician compliance. The reports provide visibility into advisor discounting and incorrectly pricing services, so the dealership was able to improve pricing compliance with the help of their Coach. Having an engaged Coach played an integral role in gaining the buy-in of the entire department.

After implementing the changes in technician compliance, the auto group found that their technicians were happier, job satisfaction and longevity increased, they became more engaged, and even worked better as a team. 

All of these efforts also created the opportunity to obtain significant warranty rate increases.  With the help of their Coaches, each dealership optimized their pricing strategy and was prepared when filing for an increase. Dynatron’s filing experts did the heavy lifting of the submission process, making it simple for each dealership. 



Since forging the partnership in 2018, the auto group as a whole has seen a significant ROI. Every store has also seen an increase in CP ELR which created an opportunity for a much larger warranty rate increase. The increase in CP ELR also With the increased profitability, they have increased wages and also invested in dealership expansion. 

Dynatron Software Case Study

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