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Most dealership’s marketing campaigns are driven by gut feeling. Data drives our marketing strategies.

MarketSmart Solution

With Dynatron’s MarketSmart solution, we analyze your Service Department data and develop customized multi-channel marketing campaigns targeting existing and potential new customers to drive traffic to your service drive.

Typical MarketSmart Campaign Results


Communications sent per campaign


Average responses per campaign


Average total revenue per campaign

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Typical Marketing Challenges

Lack of Competitor Insights

It can be challenging to know how to compete with independent service shops and local dealerships if the market insights are not available. Knowing the market is an essential piece to developing a competitive strategy that will generate ROI.

Difficulty Increasing Market Share

Maximizing market share to not only reach new customers, but also increase your share of wallet/retention with your existing customers.  You need advanced analytics to pinpoint your particular challenge and how that changes over time.

No Communication Strategy

Dealerships can lack the expertise to develop a robust closed loop communications strategy with the appropriate escalations to capture repeat business and engaged new customers.


Winning Formulas For Success

Dynatron’s approach for achieving great results is founded in these key areas.

Our People.

Our team helps you differentiate your dealership from the competition by providing expert insights into your marketing strategy.

From initial development through to execution, we are with you every step of the way, all while ensuring the success of your campaigns.

Our Technology.

Marketing strategies are mutli-faceted and often require cutting edge technology to achieve success. Transparent reports feature drilled down capabilities and highly detailed information that is easily accessible.

From creating mailing lists, to developing customized offers, our technology can track actual performance and provide insightful campaign reports.

Our Data.

We utilize metrics and sales information to determine where sales may be low or can be increased.

A dealership alone won’t have access to the data we can provide and help you interpret.

MarketSmart Process For Success

Dyantron’s MarketSmart solution is purposely designed to increase customer retention, reactivate lost customers, and capture new customers in your market. We develop and execute your customized marketing campaigns from start to finish - giving you time to focus on your staff and customers!

Research & Planning

The key to any great marketing campaign is a good strategy.

Dynatron leverages mystery shopping, extensive market evaluations, and demographic data mining to create a game plan that is specifically tailored to your dealership and market.

Multiple Channels

Dynatron leverages several marketing channels to deliver a consistent message, maximum reach, and ensure steady traffic to your service drive.

We also combine offers, discounts and coupons to engage a broad audience of potential customers. Our sevices include: Email, Direct Mail, AutoCall, Market Evaluations, and texting.

Recall Communications

Every recall is an opportunity to increase traffic to your service drive.

Leveraging third party AND first party data, Dynatron develops campaigns that specifically target vehicles with open recalls within your market. With multi-touch communications, we drastically improve performance by supplementing OEM programs.

What our clients are saying.

"It's seamless and effortless on our part. Dynatron does all the work. It has been a great experience and I would highly recommend Dynatron."

Larry Tate | Service Director

Future Ford

"The medium and the information that I have been able to obtain from Dynatron has helped me refocus. For anyone who is considering, it is probably the best decision you'll ever make."

Mike Weldon | Corporate FOD

Hansel Auto Group

"Everything that Dynatron has promised, they've delivered."

Dan Marquardt | Dealer Principal

Marquardt of Barrington

"(Dynatron) has allowed us to dive into our Service Department and look at areas where we need to improve. Dynatron allows us to look at how each Service Advisor or even each technician is doing without having to spend hours through other methods trying to get that information."

Bob G. | CEO

Giles Automotive

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