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Don't Just File, Maximize and File

Increasing your warranty labor and parts filings is complex, time consuming, and difficult. But it doesn’t have to be.

FileSmart - Increase Your Warranty Rate with Optimized Submissions

Dynatron’s FileSmart warranty rate solution leverages our decades of industry expertise with our intelligent ROI Suite technology to identify the best RO sample data to increase your approval rate and maximize your labor and parts increase. That is why our customers see an average increase of $17.84 per hour on labor and an increase of over 25% in parts markups after their approvals.

Real Results From Real Approvals


Average WLRI


Average WLRI Annualized
Revenue Increase


Average WPMI


Average WPMI Annualized
Revenue Increase

With just a few data points, we can provide you an estimate on your potential increase.

Top Warranty Filing Challenges

State Law Changes

Keeping up with beneficial changes in regulations and their impacts on your business can be a challenge. Oftentimes there are state laws passed with help from dealership associations that you may not be aware of which allow a different and more beneficial criteria for warranty reimbursement.

Burdensome Filing Requirements

Most dealerships are not compliance experts, and it can be burdensome to know what information is necessary as well as what can disqualify your warranty filing and require a refiling. Filing can be complex and require man hours and resources to take full advantage of the opportunity.

Time Consuming

Filing can take massive amounts of time, something most dealerships don’t have the resources to accommodate. Because it is time consuming, filings are delayed and revenue opportunity is missed.

Winning Formulas For Success

Dynatron’s approach for achieving great results is founded in these key areas.

Our Focus.

While other firms only focus on getting ANY increase, we focus on getting you the MAXIMUM increase.

We have a dedicated team of 25+ associates focused on helping our clients execute this process.

Our People.

With thousands of filings submitted and approved, Dynatron is a leading expert in Warranty Labor and Parts filings.

Laws change, OEMs change, but we are on top of everything, so you don’t have to be. We are experts, so you don’t need to be.

Our Technology.

The Dynatron ROI Suite’s warranty filing tools are unmatched in the industry. With custom analytics and business intelligence tools, our technology cycles through millions of data points to find the optimal set of consecutive customer pay repair orders.

With dozens of inputs, filters, and adjustments, our software is focused on getting the most out of your data.

Why PriceSmart & FileSmart are a Winning Team

We focus on the big picture, not just the quick win.

By leveraging PriceSmart and FileSmart, we are able to constantly optimize your price and create a new and better warranty rate filing for the next cycle.

Price Optimization


We help customers determine customer pay labor rate and parts pricing in order to maximize your warranty filing return.


Small adjustments tp your pricing strategy can have compounding positive impacts on your future warranty submissions.

Price Compliance


After your pricing structure has been optimized, Dynatron provides the tools to maximize ELR and increase filing opportunities.


Our trained experts help dealerships track technician labor and pricing to align with the overall strategy.

Simple Warranty Filing


Our purpose-built technology helps identify the best RO data sets to maximize your potential revenue each time a dealership files for a warranty rate increase.


We make it easy to stay on top of constantly changing requirements, so our customers don’t have to.

What our clients are saying.

"An increase of $40 CP effective labor rate for a monthly average of 1600 CP hours over the last 3-4 years is significant."

Steve R. | Service Manager

Seminole Chevrolet

"Dynatron has really helped us continue warranty labor rate increases, things that we forget about we still have time to just happens. I don't have to worry about it, I know that Dynatron is going to let me know when it is time."

William Demaree | Corporate FOD

Tom Wood Auto

"In all of our stores we've probably seen 15 rate increases throughout the years. Dynatron has made it super simple and super easy."

Larry Tate | Service Director

Future Ford

"We actually have our warranty rate higher than our door rate currently, so that is a positive thing. They taught us to maximize those areas which has really shown the advisors that we can be profitable with the warranty work."

CJ Wahl | Fixed Ops Director

Serra Auto Group

"We can see an instant return. Month one, $13,000-$14,000 extra thousand dollars to the bottom line. Month two, $17,000-$18,000 extra to the bottom line. Month three $21,000-$22,000 extra dollars to the bottom line. We've gotten buy-in from the whole dealership.

Shanehan Westphal | General Manager

Herrin Gear Infiniti

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