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Dynatron's ROI Suite

Your DMS wasn’t built to help you identify and increase revenue opportunities in your Service Department, ROI Suite was!

The ROI Suite identifies and unlocks hidden revenue opportunities.

ROI (Repair Order Insights) Suite is a collection of cloud-based applications that identify hidden revenue opportunities. We start with your RO data, process it through our proprietary algorithms, curate new data, and combine it to find new insights and unlock the hidden opportunities.

The Right Data, To Make Things Easier

Data fatigue is real.  That is why we specifically give you the right data which gives you the right insights, quickly and clearly.  No need to spend hours wading through reports to find what is truly actionable.


Data at Your Finger Tips


Labor Lines Process


RO's Processed


Vehicles Processed

See our ROI Suite in action.

ROI Suite Core Features

Never before has Service Departments been able to harness the power of their OWN data. By integrating directly into your DMS, our ROI Suite gives you several applications specifically designed to identify, understand, present and act on the revenue opportunities in your Service Department.

Now upper management and service management can be on the same page about where the opportunity exists and how to capture it!

Analytics & Reporting

With a focus on parts and labor price optimization and price compliance, our report builder helps you drill down on specific metrics and quickly identify your gaps.

Our ELR manager monitors price exceptions, providing insights to pricing strategies.


RO Intelligence Database

Data is power and we have the data.

With an RO database from thousands of dealers from across the United States, the ROI Suite is able to do comparative analysis and benchmarking that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.


Virtual Performance Groups

Like a 20 Group on steroids. Combining our comparative data with your own DMS data, our VPG tools can help you benchmark your Service Department against dozens of other markets and brand(s).

Quickly identify where you are over and under performing against your peers.

ISP Mystery Shopping

Know what the aftermarkets and dealers are charging in your area with our quarterly Intelligent Mystery shop.

You select the competitors, services and vehicles that you want us to shop and then we review results quarterly and suggest adjustments.



Aligning executive goals with Service Department realities has never been easier. With minimal manual input, the Tech CMF tool can track individual technician performance and analyze the impacts to your bottom line. As the year progresses, monitor your progress and make adjustments to the roadmap to success.


Smart Warranty Filing

Our Smart Warranty Filing Processing tools help you quickly and accurately prepare for a WLRI or WPMI.

Within seconds it can identify the best RO dataset, taking into account OEM vs State rules, OP Code filters, and identify any underperforming OP Codes that need to be addressed to maximize your filing opportunity.

What our clients are saying.

"It really is an auto pilot system which I love. It provides dealers and general managers with a lot of good tutorials, daily reports, monthly calls, etc. that really help you keep a pulse on the fixed operations."

Dan Marquardt | Dealer Principal

Marquardt of Barrington

“We closed out our first month with Dynatron at a $14 ELR increase, better than we have ever done before.”

Shanehan W. | General Manager

Herrin Gear Infiniti

"We are picking up anywhere from $10 to $13 an hour in CP ELR... It's really simple. The coaches walk you through it and you really have to do no leg work at all."

Roger R. | Fixed Operations Director

Lithia Auto Group

"It's seamless and effortless on our part. Dynatron does all the work. It has been a great experience and I would highly recommend Dynatron."

Larry Tate | Service Director

Future Ford

Accelerate Your Service Department Revenue