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Our Story

Smart, Easy, Profit Driven Solutions

At Dynatron, we believe there is a skill mismatch between the owner/operators and the service departments. Where the owner/operators know how to run a business, they don’t understand how the service department functions. Likewise, the people who manage the service department often don’t understand running a business focused on revenue.

Founded by industry luminary Les Silver, Dynatron Software has over 24+ years of experience building solutions for the automotive Service Department focused on improving revenue and increasing profitability.

Dynatron Software is the premier provider of automotive fixed operations data analytics software, comparative insights and expert coaching that drive quantifiable and sustainable ROI.

Our Solutions

Our philosophy is powered by our proven Solutions. There are only four ways to increase revenue in the Service Department:

Our Culture

Data + Technology + People

We believe the intersection of these three provides the right mix of analyzing, consulting, planning and action that drive quantifiable, substantial, and sustainable ROI – with minimum managerial effort on your part.

We are changing the way that automotive dealerships look at their service department profitability and revenue streams.

What We Do

We are changing the way that automotive dealerships look at their service department profitability and revenue streams. We are laser focused on Profit Management for automotive Fixed Operations and uncovering hidden opportunities for our clients.

Technology driven business intelligence, client-centric solutions and an aligned team of industry experts are the keys to our success and continuous growth. We also like to have fun, eat some donuts and bond over a pot-luck meal; while delivering unparalleled value to our customers.

Our Values

At Dynatron Software we believe in a WIN-WIN culture above all else. Our company culture is built on a foundation of accountability, communication, teamwork, positive attitude, integrity.

  • Personal Accountability
  • Clear Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Positive Attitude
  • Integrity

Our Business Family

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Dynatron Software Is A Privately Held Wholly Owned Subsidiary Of The KEEPS Corporation.

With the support and ongoing partnership of SSM Partners, Dynatron Software looks forward to helping the automotive service industry utilize technology and data to enhance operational efficiency, profitability, and client retention.