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Dynatron's Coaches are Experienced Advisors

All of the Dynatron solutions are a combination of our technology and our industry expert Coaches. With their support, we turn plans into action plans, and action plans into results.

Not another vendor, a new partner.

Managing your Service Department is hard enough. You don’t need another vendor, you need a partner.

Every team benefits from a Coach and while you know your Service Department best, having outside expertise to assist always ends in better results.



Industry Expert Coaches

Dynatron Coaches are experienced advisors with real-word Service Department experience. Our coaches are committed to driving increases in your revenue and they come prepared with proven methods that have worked in thousands of dealerships across North America.


Learn more about our Experienced Industry Coaches.

Professional Services Suite


StartSmart is a 6 month program where your Coach will guide you through a data driven price optimization plan, customized for your dealership.

With weekly and monthly check-ins, this hands-on process is built specifically to take advantage of the biggest short term opportunities.

2-Day Executive Workshop

Align General Managers and Service Managers on dealership service profit management best practices that will result in a much more profitable service department!

This 2-day class helps bridge the gap – learn how to apply front-end knowledge to the Service Department.


After StartSmart, your Coach will seamlessly transition to our StayStart program – a long term partnership to keep up your ELR gains achieved to date, and to continue to grow them.

With monthly check-ins, executive reviews and workshops, we focus on continuous improvement and long term revenue growth.

ISP Mystery Shopping

Know what the aftermarkets and dealers are charging in your area with our quarterly Intelligent Mystery shop.

You select the competitors, services and vehicles that you want us to shop and then we review results quarterly and suggest adjustments.

WPMI/WLRI Filing Services

While our technology does most of the heavy lifting, our Coaches are here to help you decide when and how to file.

Sometimes small adjustments in pricing prior to submitting can significantly improve your rates for approval. Our Coaches are experts in guiding you through that process.

Service Advisor Training

Our Custom Service Advisor training is a combination of classroom and Service Drive training and practice.

Our Coaches run drills side-by-side with your team until it’s perfect. We then review “game film” to identify problems areas and adjust to help your team sell more.

What our clients are saying.

"The Executive Workshop was one of the most valuable 2 days that I have ever spent in the car was that good."

Bob G. | CEO

Giles Automotive

"What I love about Dynatron is the coaching aspect of it. They really walk you through the process and how to maximize your increase when that time comes."

CJ Wahl | Fixed Ops Director

Serra Auto Group

"We are really excited to start with SellSmart...A Service Advisor interacts with far more customers in a single day than a sales person does on the floor, and we don't train them...I am so excited to bring that focus there and give them the support they need to do their job to the best of their ability."

Jennifer Swope Scarbrough | Executive OM

Swope Family of Dealerships

"As a Fixed Operations Director or even as a Service Manager, we try to be in the day to day but sometimes some of those little items get overlooked regarding maximizing our dollars per RO and Dynatron really brings you back in and coaches through those areas."

CJ Wahl | Fixed Ops Director

Serra Auto Group

Accelerate Your Service Department Revenue