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Dynatron's Profit Gap Analysis

There is room for improvement in every Service Department, but where do you begin? Let us help you discover the opportunities in your Service Department, risk free.

How our Profit Gap Analysis works for you.

Dynatron’s Profit Gap Analysis is a one-time analysis to identify those areas of your Service Department that could benefit from price optimization, price compliance, or warranty filing increases. For only $999 we will connect with your DMS and use your own data to identify and quantify how much opportunity exists.

Risk Free One-Time Analysis

We are so confident in our analysis, if we are unable to illustrate a 3x ROI opportunity against the cost of the analysis – that could be reasonably executed by you and supported by your own data – we will reimburse you the full cost.

Most dealerships that complete a PGA move forward with Dynatron. If that is the case, we will credit the cost of the PGA towards the costs of your setup.

How It Works

We will perform an analysis on the last 18-24 months of your business by analyzing every closed customer pay and warranty repair order to determine your specific opportunity for increased revenue and profit in the areas of:


Uncovering and correcting gaps in Customer Paid Effective Labor Rate is critical to all aspects of maximizing revenue opportunities.

Warranty Labor Rate

Submit OEM filings with confidence leveraging optimized repair orders to realize greater profit.

Warranty Parts Markup Increase

Analysis and timely submission of warranty parts markup increase filings compliant with OEM and State law governances.

Learn more about our Risk-Free Profit Gap Analysis.

What our clients are saying.

“We closed out our first month with Dynatron at a $14 ELR increase, better than we have ever done before.”

Shanehan W. | General Manager

Herrin Gear Infiniti

"Dynatron is like vAuto for your Fixed Operations

Dale P | Founder


“I was the first one in my 20 Group to become involved with Dynatron as of a few days ago, we actually have 95% or more of the dealers in our group enrolled because they’ve seen the results.”

Bob G. | Founder

Giles Automotive

"We are picking up anywhere from $10 to $13 an hour in CP ELR... It's really simple. The coaches walk you through it and you really have to do no leg work at all."

Roger R.

Lithia Auto

Learn more about our Risk-Free Profit Gap Analysis.