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Every RO is a Sales Opportunity

Historically, Fixed Ops Service Advisors are not consistently trained and management does not have the appropriate tools to manage expectations and easily identify missed sales opportunities.

SellSmart - Fixed Ops Service Advisory Training

Dynatron’s SellSmart Solution is a customized, dealer specific, technology enabled sales training program for your Service Advisors and their managers. It focuses on improving each advisor’s up-sell revenue generating potential by applying exciting athletic behavioral training principles in conjunction with regular performance evaluations to measure continued improvement.

Small but consistent changes can add up to big results.


Proven Results, Long Term Gains


Average Increase in
Dollars Per RO


Average Annualized Revenue Increase


Average Lifetime ROI

Learn how SellSmart can Increase your Revenue.

Problems Facing Service Managers

Lacking Internal Training Resources

Having the internal resources to properly and consistently train Fixed Ops Service Advisors to maximize revenue potential can be a challenge.

Bad Habits Are Contagious

Oftentimes, bad habits are passed down from one employee to another during the training process. This can create a cycle of inconsistent quality of work.

Lack of Accurate Performance Measures

Significant revenue opportunities are being missed because of a lack of training and oversight necessary to empower service advisors to maximize their selling abilities.


Winning Formulas For Success

Dynatron’s approach for achieving great results is founded in these key areas.

Our People.

As a dealership’s long-term partner, we are committed to driving long term success. Our expert Coaches develop customized training plans tailored to the challenges you face.

The training curriculum highlights the areas in need of improvement to enforce best practices.

Our Technology.

Dynatron’s exclusive technology provides complete transparency for service and executive management on all KPIs for continuous improvement.

Daily and weekly reports keep your team constantly aligned.

Our Data.

Our extensive dataset creates realistic goals and isolates missed opportunities based on real world comparisons.

Dynatron is the only solution that has the ability to present palatable data used to outline a roadmap to success.

SellSmart Process For Success

Based on proven athletic behavioral training principles, Dynatron uses a combination of continuous classroom, on-the-drive real world training, and advanced data analytics to maximize your hours and dollars per RO.

Compare, Measure, Track


Dynatron uses live data and cutting-edge technology to anonymously compare your dealer to a control group of same make dealers in a similar region and market.


This allows our Coaches to create realistic goals based on real-world performance of like-dealer peer groups.

Continuous Training


SellSmart blends a continuous cadence of learning, progress check-points and planning methodologies that include:

  • On-site events every 4 months “Continuous Improvement Program” (3 to 5 days)
  • Remote Coaching (bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly sessions)
  • Complete access to an On-demand Service Advisor Training Library

Review and Adjust


Leveraging “Game Films” Dynatron Coaches help you continuously improve by building good “up-sell revenue generating” habits with your advisors.


We identify areas of improvement and work with individual advisors to help them course correct.

What our clients are saying.

"We are really excited to start with SellSmart...A Service Advisor interacts with far more customers in a single day than a sales person does on the floor, and we don't train them...I am so excited to bring that focus there and give them the support they need to do their job to the best of their ability."

Jennifer Swope Scarbrough | Executive OM

Family of Dealerships

"(Dynatron) has allowed us to dive into our Service Department and look at areas where we need to improve. Dynatron allows us to look at how each Service Advisor or even each technician is doing without having to spend hours through other methods trying to get that information."

Bob Giles | CEO

Giles Automotive Group

"What I love about Dynatron is the coaching aspect of it. They really walk you through the process and how to maximize your increase when that time comes."

CJ Wahl | Fixed Ops Director

Serra Auto Group

"It's simple, the Coaches walk you through it, you really have to do no leg work at all."

Roger Pipher | Fixed Ops Director

Lithia Auto

Accelerate Your Service Department Revenue