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Dynatron's New Smart Leadership Fixed Ops Performance Group

Industry leader Michael Lynch leads Dynatron's strategic "Smart Leadership" Fixed Ops Performance Group, a game changer for automobile dealer executives.



RICHARDSON, TX – JANUARY 12, 2021 – Dynatron Software, Inc. “Dynatron”, a wholly owned subsidiary of KEEPS Corporation, is the automotive industry’s premier provider of technology, business intelligence consulting and data analysis designed to optimize processes associated with the pricing, marketing and selling of automotive service, today announces that Michael Lynch joins the team, to accelerate Dynatron’s new Smart Leadership Fixed Ops Performance Group.

The Smart Leadership Fixed Ops Performance Group is specifically engineered to provide automotive dealer principals, general managers and executive leadership with a comprehensive understanding of Fixed-Ops performance indicators, strategic planning tools to substantially increase revenue and service department profitability, regularly track results and future trajectory, as well as create a virtual performance group of peers to share best practices.  Dynatron clients are guided by assigned coaches to tackle every aspect of optimizing price in the dealers’ Fixed-Operations, increasing traffic to the service drive and selling more to existing customers.  Groups of 8 to 10 similar size and brand dealerships meet virtually for a full day once every 4 months and participate in monthly 2-hour progress monitoring sessions in the remaining months. The volatile and ever-changing economic environment that automobile dealers face is dictating a new scrutiny of every detail driving profitability. Dynatron’s new Smart Leadership program guides dealer leaders and executives to capitalize on hidden revenue opportunities within their existing business.   

Michael takes the reins to accelerate client adoption of this new results-driven program targeted at dealerships across the United States and Canada.  “I have worked with Michael while he was at his previous companies for almost 40 years. He has the unique skill to identify opportunities and motivate his group members to take the actions necessary to improve. We are very excited to be involved with an initiative that blends the deep analytics contained in the Dynatron products with Michael’s capability to drive operational results” – Les J. Silver, Executive Chairman, Dynatron Software.

“After working with Les Silver over the past 38 years and believing in his companies’ outstanding services, Dynatron was the first on my desired list of companies to work with to drive enhanced client success, new innovative solutions and help dealerships make a shipload of money. “– Michael Lynch.

Mr. Lynch joins the Dynatron Software team effective immediately and can be reached at:  Dealer Principals and Executives, do not miss the boat, find out how Michael can help uncover hidden revenue in your dealership today.


About Michael Lynch:

Michael is considered to be the most influential consultant and Dealer 20-Group moderator in the Automotive Fixed Ops industry.  Mr. Lynch has built, led, and sold two different 20 Group consulting companies over the course of his career, consistently increasing client profitability in the process.  Michael holds an MBA from the University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business, and an Education Undergraduate degree from University of Maryland.  On the personal side, Michael lives in Irvington Virginia with his wife Maureen Lynch and their three boys.  His hobbies include boating, fishing, golf, cooking, and landscaping.

About Dynatron Software:

Dynatron Software is the premier provider of automotive fixed operation data analytics, business intelligence, and pricing optimization. Our solutions provide quantifiable and substantial ROI with the least amount of managerial effort. 

About KEEPS Corporation:

KEEPS creates solutions which provide industry-exclusive daily actionable data designed to save management time and improve profits for automotive service operations.