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It’s no secret that the role of a General Manager extends beyond the sales floor and into the Fixed Ops department. To truly drive success in Fixed Ops, General Managers must strategically engage with the operations of the Service Department. However, at Dynatron Software we find that many GMs have robust sales backgrounds and as a result, don’t typically have the same experience on the Fixed Ops side. Because of this, it is part of our mission to help educate General Managers to play an active role in the profitability of the Fixed Ops department. 


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Here are 4 key areas for General Managers to successfully navigate the road to Fixed Ops mastery!



1. Strategic Engagement: Unveiling the Power of GM Involvement in Fixed Ops


Chances are you’ve heard the saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know”, and this situation is a perfect example of that. When the General Manager takes the time to understand the nuances of Fixed Ops, they can provide valuable feedback, driving positive changes and enhancing the overall efficiency of the Service Department. Dynatron’s Coaches have spent countless hours meeting with General Managers in dealerships across the country, and when an open dialogue and the opportunity to ask questions arise, this becomes a catalyst for knowledge transfer and innovation. 


“Ask questions, lots of questions.  Come and spend a few days or a week in your service department with your advisors and managers to learn the day-to-day workflow and process.  Once you start to understand it then you can provide feedback and an outside view.” – Thomas Martinka, Dynatron Coach


By actively participating in the day-to-day operations of the Service Department, GMs gain invaluable insights into the challenges, successes, and opportunities that drive the business forward. Embracing this hands-on approach fosters a culture of understanding, collaboration, and continuous improvement.



2. Transforming Service into Sales: A 3 Pillar Approach for Revenue Growth


Service is SALES! Technicians are lead generators, Service Consultants are salespeople, and the Service Manager is the Sales Manager. This means a Service Manager should be having sales meetings just like the Sales Manager does! A General Manager with a strong background in sales should be partnering with their Service Managers to drive top-tied performance. Their expertise is what the Service Department needs!


When it comes to viewing service the same way as sales, Dynatron takes a 3-pillar approach designed to elevate GMs and their teams to Fixed Ops experts. These pillars, Compliance, Price Optimization, and Performance/Penetration, lay the foundation for a comprehensive strategy that not only ensures compliance with industry standards but also maximizes revenue through strategic pricing and performance enhancement. Expert Coaches guide GMs and their teams through learning, fostering a collaborative environment where knowledge is shared, skills are honed, and success becomes a shared endeavor.



3. Efficient Reporting for Informed Decision-Making: The Power of Data


When a learning environment and a clear approach for revenue growth have been established, the next step is to ensure a General Manager has the data and reporting insights available to enact real improvement. Having streamlined reporting is a huge time saver that provides an accurate snapshot of what is going on in your organization concerning your goals.


Dynatron Software provides daily and weekly reports that show key performance indicators holding everyone accountable for their role in maximizing profitability, productivity, and customer satisfaction. We understand that it isn’t enough to just generate reports. Dynatron takes it a step further with strategic Coaching, benchmarking, and goal setting to create actionable change.



4. Cracking the Code on Technician Time: Unleashing Operational Efficiency


Time is a precious commodity. There are three different areas to examine when optimizing your existing technicians. First, a General Manager should be looking at the different types of technician times, then they can measure productivity, and finally understand and predict technician capacity in collaboration with their Fixed Ops team. This is the first step to maximizing the capacity of the technicians already in the service drive! Here are the different types of Technician time: 


Scheduled Time 

The time that each technician is scheduled to be working is their scheduled time. This excludes holidays, vacations, and training. Scheduled time is the starting point for creating a projection. 


Present Time 

This type of time accounts for how long each technician is onsite and available for work. Considerations here include individuals who are late, leave early, call in sick, etc. 


Assigned Time

Assigned Time is the time that each technician is assigned to a job and is expected to be working. Time moving vehicles and time at the parts counter is included. 


Booked Time  

Time each technician is paid for a job they perform is booked time. Oftentimes, booked time can exceed assigned times. 


After analyzing how technicians are utilizing their time, the next step is to measure their productivity. This not only enhances overall efficiency but also contributes to a seamless workflow within the service department. While a General Manager isn’t managing day-to-day Technician performance, understanding how time spent on the Service Drive can increase overall efficiency and productivity is key to enhancing profitability and customer satisfaction. 



It is clear that the role of a General Manager extends far beyond the sales floor. At Dynatron Software, we recognize that many GMs, with robust sales backgrounds, may not have extensive experience in Fixed Ops. That’s why it is part of our mission to empower and educate General Managers to actively contribute to the profitability of the Fixed Ops department.


Embracing the principles outlined in this guide will not only propel General Managers toward Fixed Ops mastery but will also foster a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration. Together with Dynatron Software, GMs can confidently steer their organizations toward success in their respective Fixed Ops departments.


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