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In 2021, 5% of all vehicles in the U.S. were under a new recall notice, an estimated total of 38 million vehicles. In 2022, there were 932 vehicle safety recalls affecting more than 30.8 million vehicles in the United States. Vehicle recalls are serious and impact the safety of the driver and others on the road, highlighting the importance for dealerships to communicate unrepaired recalls to their customers. 


In addition to safety concerns, the opportunity to perform warranty repairs present a significant opportunity for revenue when it comes time for a dealership to file. If your dealership doesn’t currently have a robust strategy in place to target customers with open recalls, it’s not too late to get started. 


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Why OEM Recall Programs Fall Short 

Your OEM recall program isn’t doing enough to capture the maximum number of customers with open recalls. Typically, these programs direct customers to the nearest dealership and utilize outdated data that can miss certain customers completely. In this case, missed customers mean missed revenue opportunities. 


What your dealership needs is a recall program that uses the most up-to-date information to contact customers with open recalls and drive them to YOUR dealership. That’s where Dynatron comes in! 



Dynatron’s Approach to Vehicle Recalls

We use a multi-touch approach to get a higher response rate from customers by reaching out to customers twice monthly to ensure a manageable flow of traffic. Our updated communication flow eliminates contact limitations which results in a proven increase in ROI and open recall returns. Using your DMS data, we are able to reach new and existing customers and drive them to your dealership for their recall work. 


Most people aren’t checking their voicemails anymore, nor are they even giving the option to leave a voicemail in the first place. Dynatron works with your BDC department to contact a larger list of customers in a shorter period of time. This frees up your BDC department to complete follow up activity and supplement the communications sent by Dynatron. 



MarketSmart Recall Program 

Our MarketSmart Recall program features bi-monthly review calls to monitor campaign performance, along with a dashboard to easily view and compare metrics. On average, a mature campaign achieves $16K total ROI!  Learn more by contacting us at



Get in the Know with Dynatron Software 

It’s no secret vehicle recalls pose significant safety risks for drivers and others on the road, making it crucial for dealerships to effectively communicate and address these issues with their customers. With millions of vehicles affected by recalls each year, there’s a substantial opportunity for dealerships to not only ensure the safety of their customers but also to capitalize on warranty repairs for revenue generation. 


Dynatron’s MarketSmart Recall program uses the most up-to-date information to contact customers with open recalls and drive them to YOUR dealership. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your dealership’s recall strategy. 


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