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All too often, dealerships lose customers in their service departments due to competition, location, and the cost of services. Once those customers have been lost, it can be difficult to know how to target them or even how to capture new customers to replace them. In addition to that, how can a dealership know the best way to capture customers who have never visited their location? It’s no secret there is a significant challenge in knowing the status of the market, having the necessary data to be successful, and having the right internal teams to execute a strategic plan.


Dynatron Software provides the insights needed to develop and execute a comprehensive strategy to increase market share and gain a competitive advantage in your area. Our solution creates more time for management to focus on daily operations and their staff all while knowing their marketing strategy is working.


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Top 3 Service Department Marketing Challenges 

While your dealership can develop, execute, and track a marketing campaign independently, several challenges may stand in the way of a truly effective strategy. 


Challenge 1: Lack of Competitor Insights 

It can be challenging to know how to compete with independent service shops and local dealerships if market insights are not available. Knowing the market is an essential piece to developing a competitive strategy that will generate ROI.


Challenge 2: Difficulty Increasing Market Share

Maximizing market share to not only reach new customers, but also increase your share of retention with your existing customers is a key aspect of an effective campaign. You need advanced analytics to pinpoint your particular challenge and how that changes over time. These analytics cannot be pulled from your DMS and would be highly time consuming to obtain independently. 


Challenge 3: No Communication Strategy

Dealerships can also lack the expertise to develop a robust closed loop communications strategy with the appropriate escalations to capture repeat business and engaged new customers.




Dynatron’s Approach to Driving More Customers to Your Service Department 

Dynatron Software is a strategic partner that provides the insights to know which customers to target, analyzes the market, and highlights upsell opportunities to allow your team to focus on other important performance areas. We make this possible with our MarketSmart solution.

A strong marketing campaign needs to be backed by insightful data that drives a purposeful strategy. Using a dealership’s own DMS data, we gather highly targeted lists of customers who have been inactive, lost, or who have never been in your service drive. We then develop engaging campaigns that entice customers with strategic communications and offers to earn their business.  Dynatron’s reporting capabilities highlights your advisor’s performance to ensure they are maximizing the upsell opportunities. In addition, our targeted messaging primes customers for upsell opportunities before they arrive for a their service appointments. 


MarketSmart’s Formula for Success 

MarketSmart is a solution that creates multi-channel marketing campaigns for your Service Department. Our team designs and executes a customized marketing campaign aimed at increasing customer retention, reactivating lost customers, and capturing new customers.


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Get in the Know with Dynatron Software 

Dynatron’s commitment to providing actionable insights and unparalleled support enables dealership management to focus on core operations while having confidence in the effectiveness of their marketing strategy. With MarketSmart, dealerships can navigate the complexities of fixed ops marketing with ease, driving more customers to their service departments and cementing their position as industry leaders.


By leveraging comprehensive insights and advanced analytics, MarketSmart empowers businesses to develop and execute targeted campaigns that resonate with both existing and prospective customers. From identifying inactive or lost customers to capturing new leads, MarketSmart’s strategic approach ensures maximum ROI and customer engagement.


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