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All of the Dynatron solutions are a combination of our technology and our industry expert Coaches. With their support, we turn plans into action plans, and action plans into results. Managing your Service Department is hard enough. You don’t need another vendor, you need a partner.


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Why Fixed Ops Coaching is Important


Every team benefits from a Coach and while you know your Service Department best, having outside expertise to assist always ends in better results.


Are you unsure about having someone come in and provide training for your Service Advisors? Have you had less than stellar experiences in the past? We get it. Dave Reiff, Fixed Ops Director at Dave Wright Auto Group felt the same way…at first. Here’s what he had to say about our SellSmart program


“I’m always a little leery about having somebody come in and train…its never been a great experience. This particular program, they were down in the trenches with my guys, with my Advisors, myself, my managers…these guys even had the Owner out there doing a walk around and getting graded on it.” – Dave Reiff, Fixed Ops Director | Dave Wright Auto Group 



Dynatron’s Industry Expert Coaches

Dynatron Coaches are seasoned advisors with real-word Service Department experience. Our coaches are committed to driving increases in your revenue and they come prepared with proven methods that have worked in thousands of dealerships across North America.



Dynatron’s Coaching Results  

Guaranteed and unmatched expertise, Dynatron’s results drive customer ROI. 


Year 1 ROI 22x Average CP ELR lift $15.00+

Year 2 ROI 18x Average CP ELR lift $11.50+

Year 3 ROI 15x Average CP ELR lift $8.00+ 


Over 97,000 coaching meetings annually 

Over 1,000 years of combined Fixed Ops experience across our Coaches 

Over 3,500 customers 



Get in the Know with Dynatron 

Dynatron stands out as a dynamic force in Fixed Ops Coaching, offering a unique blend of cutting-edge technology and seasoned industry experts.Our Coahces empower Service Departments to transform plans into actionable results. With an impressive track record of delivering unmatched ROI and an extensive network of satisfied customers, Dynatron proves to be more than just a vendor – we are your essential partner in navigating the complexities of Service Department management. So, if you’re seeking not just training, but a transformative partnership, it’s time to join the ranks of those in the know with Dynatron.


Talk is cheap, we challenge you to “dare to compare” and get the hard facts. Schedule your 30-minute meeting to learn more.