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About Hudson Automotive Group 

Hudson Automotive Group was founded in 1948 beginning as a single dealership in Kentucky. Since then, they have grown the organization to span 49 dealerships across North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Louisiana, Kentucky, Alabama and Tennessee.



Initial Analysis of Fixed Ops Performance 

As the Hudson Automotive Group grew significantly, performance across individual dealerships was not cohesive. Their DMS did not provide the reporting insights executive leadership needed to analyze the daily operations of each store. Without any additional software or support, there was no reporting distributed throughout the group, instead, there was just store-level reporting. 


After bringing in a Fixed Ops Director, it was determined that there was a significant need for group-wide Fixed Ops reporting to keep a pulse on key performance metrics and revenue. 


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How Dynatron’s Reporting and Price Optimization Improved Group-Wide Fixed Ops Performance 

Hudson Automotive Group initially partnered with Dynatron to assist with specific under-performing dealerships before expanding to all 49 stores as of September 2023. The auto group had no software support outside of their DMS, which meant that only store-level reporting was possible. Dynatron allowed Hudson Auto Group to gather and distribute reports throughout the group with minimal effort, putting an end to many rooftops functioning independently. 


“All of my Fixed Ops reporting that I do on a weekly and monthly basis, everything comes from Dynatron” says Fixed Ops Director Jason Yates. “I rank every store based on five different KPIs, we rank every single advisory group based on several different KPIs, same with technicians.” 


Yates also leverages the reporting insights to create contests amongst stores, as motivation for managers, and during tough conversations and performance reviews. 



Price Optimization and Warranty Filing 

The reporting insights allowed Hudson Automotive Group to gain a firm understanding of what the performance of each rooftop looked like. They noticed a key metric that was underperforming across several Hudson Group dealerships was CP ELR. With these insights, the Dynatron Coaches helped develop and execute a plan for improvement across each store. 



When it came to warranty filing submissions, it was also discovered that only some stores were doing manual submissions on their own, while others had not completed a submission in as many as 4 years. Through the increases in CP ELR, each store was set up for a hugely successful warranty submission. 


“They’ve (Dynatron) got us on a recurring schedule for every single store. So it’s hands off for me, we just get to reap the rewards when we get the approvals.” 



Hudson Auto Group’s Success with Dynatron Software


After doing the work in price optimization across all rooftops, the Hudson Auto Group was ready to maximize the benefits of a warranty rate submission. Here are some of the group’s success stories:




About Dynatron Software

Dynatron Software makes running your Fixed Operations easier and more profitable. Our PriceSmart solution digests DMS data making it actionable for optimizing price, maximizing ELR, and improving profitability. Typical dealers see a 5x-15x ROI generating an average of $200K in additional annualized revenue each year.