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How “Bigfoot” Helps Prepare Your Dealership for Your Next Warranty Rate Increase

Dynatron's submission to Orange County Automobile Dealers Association (OCADA) Member Magazine

Orange County Automobile Dealers Association (OCADA) Member Magazine: How “Bigfoot” helps prepare your dealership for your next warranty rate increase

Your dealership just won the California AB-179 lottery! Whether driven by luck, or a scientific plan, your dealership has most likely realized unprecedented gains to the Warranty Labor Rate and Warranty Parts Mark-up. All that’s left is to sit back in your rocker and count your money…..right? Not so fast; it is not one-n-done!

The challenge now is that if you do nothing to impact your pricing, you will receive zero to minimal increase next submissions. You have an opportunity to capture a net profit lift perpetually…..year, after year, after year, and it’s a double dipper, you also capture a similar lift in your customer pay gross profit. Time to hunt for the “Bigfoot” in your ROs!

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