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Increase your CP ELR with Fixed Ops Price Optimization

Do you know your “perfect price”? Not too high, not too low, so that you are maximizing profit and retention.

PriceSmart - Price Optimization for your Fixed Ops Department

Dynatron’s PriceSmart solution focuses on Fixed Ops labor and parts price optimization, pricing compliance, and price erosion to help you increase your CP ELR. Typical dealers see significant results within 90 days, and 5x-15x ROI each year they work with Dynatron.

Real Results From Real Service Departments


Average CP ELR
Increase After 180


Average Annualized Revenue Increase


Average ROI
in First year

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Barriers to Your Revenue Opportunities

Pricing Challenges

Establishing and maintaining the “perfect price” for customer retention and profitability is no easy task. Dealerships lack the market insights to be able to competitively price their services without losing out on repeat business or new customers. That is where price optimization comes in!

Work-mix Impact on ELR

It can be challenging to know the impact work-mix can have on an optimized CP ELR. Making sure tech times are in line with labor rates for all your different services is very difficult. Dealerships lack the bandwidth and tools to track these metrics which can lead to many small price deviations that add up to a major loss of revenue.

Lack of Warranty Filing Protocol

Without accurate data and business intelligence tools, dealerships miss out on potential revenue gained from proper warranty labor and parts filings. Oftentimes there are unnoticed gaps in customer pay that can hinder markups and approvals.

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Winning Formulas For Success

Dynatron’s approach for achieving great results is founded in these key areas.

Good Data.

The beginning of any good relationships is good data. Our ROI Suite connects directly with your DMS and pulls your RO information into our platform.

We organize and clean the data to get it ready for analysis. We curate new data and insights using our proprietary algorithms.

Good Technology.

Once the data is in place, our ROI Suite has built in dashboards and reports to analyze your data during our StartSmart launch process.

This is our time-tested launch process which attacks the challenges and root causes hiding your revenue opportunities.

Good People.

Throughout the process our expert Coaches are meeting with you and your team to develop a plan to keep you on track to achieve your desires results.

All Dynatron Coaches have first hand service management experience and are experts at analyzing the data and identifying the biggest areas of revenue opportunity.


PriceSmart Process For Success

We focus on these three interrelated disciplines to achieve our great results.

CP ELR Price Optimization


Dynatron helps our customers strategically determine optimized customer pay labor rates, pricing matrices, packaged menu pricing, and parts pricing in a way that drives more revenue without driving away business.


Setting the “perfect price” requires analytics and market intelligence which are the tools you can get with PriceSmart.

Price Compliance


Once your pricing structure has been optimized, our team helps Service Management hold service advisors and technicians compliant.


We provide daily data and reporting capabilities that illuminate hidden issues and provide visibility to every transaction.


Work-mix Visibility


Understanding your 5 categories of work-mix is the first step to being able to control pricing compliance, flat rate times paid to technicians, and discount allocations.


Dynatron helps your Service Department easily view your work-mix, a task that would otherwise be very challenging.


What our clients are saying

"With Dynatron, we have been able to increase our ELR and customer labor rate, which has then allowed us to go back to our manufacturers and get substantial increases on our warranty rate."

Bob Giles | CEO

Giles Automotive Group

"It's seamless and effortless on our part. Dynatron does all the work. It has been a great experience and I would highly recommend Dynatron."

Larry Tate | Service Director

Future Ford

"I look at Dynatron as a business partner. They're not just a vendor, they're a business partner."

Keith McKenzie | Dealer Principal

Kruse Auto Group

“We closed out our first month with Dynatron at a $14 ELR increase, better than we have ever done before.”

Shanehan Westphal | General Manager

Herrin Gear Infiniti

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