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If your dealership grapples with attracting and retaining top talent, it’s time to rethink strategies. Enter Dynatron Software, offering a revolutionary approach to technician recruitment that goes beyond conventional methods. In this blog, we delve into the shortcomings of traditional approaches and unveil how Dynatron’s innovative solutions can transform your dealership’s technician recruitment game.


The Technician Shortage in 2024 

Numerous factors have contributed to the technician shortage that continues to impact dealerships as we move into 2024. As vehicles are staying on the road longer in addition to new sales, the demand for skilled technicians rises despite the lack of candidates to fill open positions. One of the greatest contributing factors is that fewer younger workers are becoming technicians and baby boomers are close to retirement age. 

According to, “We may need more than 100,000 new technicians to join the workforce every year through 2026 for supply to keep up with demand, and that’s extremely unlikely to happen”. 



Why Traditional Technician Recruitment Methods Don’t Work 

If your dealership struggles with retaining and attracting the best technicians, you’re not alone. One of the reasons why may be because your dealership is recruiting technicians a certain way becase that’s how it’s always been done. Things like sign-on bonuses, boasting a great work environment, and guaranteed hours are all perks that anyone can offer potential candidates so they just don’t work. 


In addition to this, when there is a shortage in the number of candidates available in the talent pool, simply posting a job advertisement won’t garner a significant response. However, there are talented technicians all around you, they’re just in the dealership down the street. 


The truth is, flashy benefits and well-written job ads aren’t what’s going to get top talent through your doors. You need to offer technicians something nobody else in your area can compete with. What if a new way existed to attract and retain the best talent? That’s where Dynatron comes in. 



Dynatron’s Approach to Technician Recruitment

Just like in the sports industry, what if you could pay more for the talent than anybody else? But how do you do it? How do you pay more than any other dealership to keep your best techs and attract more talent from your area? As we’ve mentioned, there are technicians in other dealerships around you. 


By paying more, you can get them to work for you. what if you had the highest payroll, with no luxury cap, AND it didn’t hit your bottom line? Would you be able to hit it out of the park? With over 25 years of experience working in Service Departments across the country, Dynatron Software has established a proven method for paying technicians more based on increased revenue that comes from price optimization


“The upswing is significant not only for revenue but for employee attraction and retention, long term growth, there are so many factors that play into it.” – Dan Marquardt, Dealer Principal | Marquardt of Barrington 



How to Pay Technicians More: Price Optimization 

Dynatron’s PriceSmart solution focuses on Fixed Ops labor and parts price optimization, pricing compliance, and price erosion to help you increase your CP ELR. Typical dealers see significant results within 90 days, and 5-15x ROI each year they work with Dynatron. Learn more



Get In The Know with Dynatron Software

It’s clear the challenges of technician recruitment demand innovative solutions, and Dynatron Software is the game-changer your dealership needs. Traditional recruitment methods no longer suffice in the face of a widespread shortage of skilled technicians. Dynatron’s revolutionary approach sets us apart by going beyond conventional practices. We provide dealerships with a clear roadmap that enables dealerships to pay more for top talent without impacting their bottom line. 


As Dan Marquardt, Dealer Principal at Marquardt of Barrington, attests, the upswing facilitated by Dynatron is not merely about revenue but extends to employee attraction and retention, fostering long-term growth. Get in the know with Dynatron Software and revolutionize your approach to technician recruitment, securing a competitive edge in the evolving automotive landscape!


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