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Service Advisor sales training is commonly overlooked and underfunded as part of the overall health of Fixed Operations. Addressing widespread underperformance and inconsistencies can greatly impact your hours and dollars per repair order (RO) and therefore your profit margins.


In addition to being overlooked, dealers often don’t have the internal resources (skills or time) to properly train, measure, and easily manage their Service Advisors. Those who do take the time find that after sub-par training concludes, bad habits continue once no one is looking.


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Service is Sales 

Service is SALES! Technicians are lead generators, Service Consultants are salespeople, and the Service Manager is the Sales Manager. This means a Service Manager should be having sales meetings just like the Sales Manager does! The dealership service sales process involves checking off things that a customer may need, based on the service history of the vehicle. By keeping updated records and having these conversations with the customer, dealerships can provide a seamless service experience.


Ultimately, the success of the dealership service sales process depends on having an attitude of wanting to be prepared and providing a seamless service experience for each customer. By having access to historical knowledge of the vehicle, preparing in advance, and tailoring the sales process to meet each customer’s unique needs, dealerships can build trust and establish long-term relationships with their customers. This requires a commitment to ongoing training and development, as well as a willingness to adapt to changing customer needs and preferences.


The “Wooden Method” of Learning Applied to Service Advisor Training 

The Wooden Method was developed by NCAA Basketball Coach John Wooden. This method includes the following steps: 


  1. Explanation
  2. Demonstration
  3. Imitation
  4. Repetition, repetition, repetition


Following these steps helps to create good habits that can be executed reflexively and without hesitation. The teaching is most successful when it is done outside of “game conditions”, so setting aside meeting times when technicians are not with clients to review expectations and answer questions will set them up for success. 


It is extremely important to dedicate practice time. Typically, most service departments don’t dedicate enough time to practicing and training, but when we take a look back at the sports comparison, its apparent how critical it is. When the proper amount of time is invested, you’ll see better performance in the long run. 


Dynatron’s Approach to Service Advisor Training 


In order to begin developing a winning sales training program, we begin by using extensive data and proprietary technology to compare you to same make dealerships in similar regions and markets. 


This allows our Coaches to create realistic and achievable goals. Then, your service team receives regular on-site visits throughout the year while we also work to constantly report progress. In the event goals are not being met, customized training can be adjusted or re-enforced.



Dealer Strategic Planning

Our Coaches develop a specific path to success based on the needs of your dealership. Utilizing data analytics and comparative technology, Dynatron is able to pinpoint areas for improvement and develop a plan that drives sustainable ROI. 



Custom Advisor Training 

Once a plan has been developed, keeping Service Advisors on track is the next step to ensuring success. Dynatron Coaches work with Service Advisors to maximize their selling capabilities. 



SellSmart: Every RO is a Sales Opportunity 


Dynatron’s SellSmart solution is a customized, dealer specific, sales training program for your Service Advisors and their managers.  Based on athletic behavioral training principles, Dynaton uses a mixture of onsite and offsite training, and continuous data analytics and consulting improvement to drive increased revenue through hours and dollars per RO.


“We are really excited to start with SellSmart…A Service Advisor interacts with far more customers in a single day than a sales person does on the floor, and we don’t train them…I am so excited to bring that focus there and give them the support they need to do their job to the best of their ability.” – Jennifer Swope Scarbrough, Executive OM | Swope Family of Dealerships



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Overlooking the importance of Service Advisor sales training can prove detrimental to the overall health of Fixed Operations within a dealership. Recognizing that service is indeed sales, it’s imperative for dealerships to adopt a proactive approach, treating Service Advisors as integral components of the sales process. With Dynatron’s commitment to ongoing training, data-driven insights, and strategic planning, dealerships can position themselves for sustained success. 


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